First impressions make all the difference

Firstimpressions make all the difference… an old adage that is true of most aspects in life, especially in business. If you enter a workspace that looks uninspiring and uncomfortable, you'll be more likely to feel uninspired and uncomfortable too.

As housing employees and hosting clients isthe bread and butter for many businesses, getting the design of their officeright can be the difference in producing an engaging and productive workenvironment that people want to buy into, or not.

To find the right balance between bespokedesign and functionality, many forward-thinking firms use a workplace consultancy service. Insteadof diving in and changing every facet of how they work within theirenvironment, a business can attain expert advice on how everything itsactivities can be realigned to meet their specific needs. This may mean theintroduction of new concepts, new ways of working (the introduction of activity-based/flexibleworking) or improving employee effectiveness (by ensuring they have everythingthey need to work at their best every single day).

The bottom line is that workplaceconsultants can help a business to better understand how it can affect theright changes, using only the right actions. This is where we can help.

Our workplace consultancy service

The team here at Oaktree Interiorsare made up of highly trained professionals who each specialise in differentaspects of office design and refurbishment projects. Our workplace consultantshave a long and variedexperience in helping to design, plan and build office spaces for all kinds ofenvironments, no matter how big orsmall they are. Our approach and attitude to business is professional,enthusiastic, inventive and imaginative.

Our workplaceconsultancy services contain the following facets;

  • Clear dialogue. The first step we take is to evaluate a client’s needs. Thisdialogue can frequently lead to new ways of thinking, aspects that could affectthe process positively. We will fully understand what the client wants and theclient will understand better how we work to help them achieve their perfectoffice design.

  • Advice on office trends. With the constant changing world, you will need to keep updated with thechanging trends and innovations in technology, as well as aesthetic design, tokeep ahead of the game. Our workplace consultancy team can do this. Wewill advise you on the latest trends in office design and technology, givingyou an idea of how to get the most from your office layout. So whether you’relooking for a subtle design or perhaps something more conspicuous or dramaticin order to send out a message to your clients, then we can help to turn yourideas into reality.

  • Office management. Our consultants can also spend time to observe how your businessoperates to work out how it can be improved. They will look at how differentdepartments interact and communicate which each other and relate this to the interior environment and set up of the office. They will also lookat your mechanical & electrical infrastructure and systems and whateverelse is required to facilitate any new office designs that help you to progressand achieve your objectives.
The benefits of a workplace consultancy

We've already touched upon how a workplace consultancy can help abusiness to better understand the changes it needs to affect, but what kind ofbenefits can they look forward to?

Create a collaborative community.

Collaboration is the fuel that innovationneeds to take off; great ideas will struggle to transpire if collaborationdoesn't happen. By considering every aspect of your business and how everythingfits together, a physical environment can be created that supports and improvesupon this. Not only does collaboration help to foster innovation, but it alsocreates an engaging, enjoyable place to work too; creatinga workplace community that people want to be a part of.

Attract and retain staff.

Having anengaging, inspiring design can have a massive effect on the experience of beingin an office. It creates an environment that people want to work in everyday, further increasing their engagement and their attachment to the companyand its projects. Perfect in the drive to attractand retain the talented employees that can take the business to the nextlevel.

Promote company brand values.

Another great motivating factor in theworkplace is being able to operate in an environment in which every personlives and breathes company values every single day. By using a workplace consultancy service to placetheir brand throughout the office's design, a business will be enhancingthe experiences of staff and clients; they will be able to see and feel what the company is about from the moment they stepthrough the door. As we said at the top of this page, first impressions make all the difference

Have a space that works for everyone.

Everyone isdifferent, so understanding how to cater for a range of working preferences andbehaviours is vital in the modern workplace. By allowing staff input and morecontrol over how they prefer to workthe business will not only be fulfilling each of their requirements but motivatingthem to get more involved with the ongoing strive of the firm too.

Improve the performance of the current workspace(s).

Often, it's thesimple solutions that get the best out of things; but simple solutions canfrequently be the most difficult to come by. Common issues that a workplace consultancy can solve includemaking better use of existing space, improving lighting set-ups and reducingnoise. These are all issues that overlooked when it comes to thinking about howthe environment at work affects people.

Build the ideal working environment.

By creating aspace that will perform now, abusiness will also be safeguarding the future of its office by priming it for agrowing workforce too. This applies whether the business wants to stay in theircurrent offices or move to completely new ones; turning a blank canvas into aworkplace built to suit their unique needs and objectives.

Flexible office design: Future-proofing your workplace

Speaking about preparingworkplaces for the future brings us nicely onto the fastest-growing trend inworkplace design. Flexibility and agility.

With the technology weuse making it easy for us to work from wherever we may be, the design ofoffices has had to change to reflect that. One of the major benefits thatflexibility has for businesses is that they can lend their workplace designs tobetter suit their needs, as well as those of their employees and clients.

Instead of comprising ofa single 'workspace', an office can be made from multiple workspaces; 'zoned' toaid a specific style of working or a particular requirement at a moment'snotice. Agile office design is a concept that isbased upon the principle that work 'is an activity that is shaped by the thingswe do, rather than the environment that we find ourselves in'. So regardless ifemployees require space to work in private solitude, to share ideas in smallteams, host meetings or even be able to check in when working from home; zoningthe workplace offers them the freedom and flexibility to control the way theywork.

Are you interested inlearning how your business may benefit? Why not consider getting in touch withour workplace consultants today?

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