Here at Oaktree Interiors, we love to see older workplaces undergo incredible renovations in order to create a truly unique and optimised working environment

We are one of the most experienced providers of office refurbishment and have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years.

One of the biggest problems that most businesses tend to face is a poorly designed or ineffective office space. It is a major cause of low productivity, low employee well being, high levels of negativity and frustration. In fact, a bad office space regularly leads to high staff turnover, which can have a hugely negative impact on your business as a whole.

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Office Refurbishment Services

Refurbishing and renovating your office space is essential for a range of reasons. Whether you want to increase productivity, your integrated computer systems or justwant to make your workplace a more enjoyable and pleasant area to be in, working with professional office designers and fitters will always yield the best results.

If you believe that your company will benefit from specialised office refurbishment, you need to get in touch with the professional team here at Oaktree Interiors; we can offer a comprehensive, bespoke refurbishment service, regardless of your requirements.

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Expert office refurbishment by Oaktree Interiors

Our experienced team, with more than 30 years' expertise in the industry, have been at the forefront of office design and refurbishment innovation. We are focused on improving employee productivity and workplace wellbeing in all of our projects, as well as reflecting the unique identity of the company behind the office.

We tap into the benefits of the latest office trends; creating truly unique working environments to support any business. All of our designs are created around your employees and the specific needs of your company. That means that you'll never need to pay for or give up valuable space, for features that you'll never use and never need.

Saying that, we firmly believe in designing office refurbishments which are designed to last, ensuring that your business can remain secure, functional and attractive to employees even as new technology is introduced and working habits change.

Ourrefurbishment services typically include:

  • Joinery work.
  • Partitioning systems.
  • Suspended ceilings.
  • Plumbing and waterworks.
  • Electrical and data system refurbishment.
  • Mechanical office services, including air conditioning.
  • Furniture and storage solutions.
  • Audiovisual and networking services
Why should you partner with our office refurb experts?

Tapping into expert industry knowledge and trends

As we live and breathe office refurbishment, it's literally 'our business' to keep abreast of the latest trends and knowledge that can be used to produce great workplace designs. Not only will this allow you to possess a workplace that is keeping pace with the expectations of your employees and clients, our specialists can leanon these trends to plot exactly how your business can use them to your advantage.

Future-proofing your office

Good office design will have an immediate positive impact on the workplace. However, great office design can do that and continue to have a positive influence for many more years to come. Our office refurb specialists can spot opportunities for you to 'future-proof' your workspaces,ensuring that it can adapt to any changes in business size, staff needs or your industry trends with ease.

Creates a safe working environment

Whilst creating a working environment that is great to look at (and to be in), is the overarching aim of the project, ensuring that the space adheres to health and safety requirements is vital. Working with professional office fitters means that you will be placing the responsibility into our hands, leaving you safe in the knowledge that all applicable health and safety regulations will be met.

Eliminates the need to manage multiple contractors

Allowing us to manage your office refurbishment project will mean that you will only be dealing with one service; no having to take the time to manage multiple services for different aspects of the job. We can arrange a single-point-of-contact for you to liaise with, streamlining the process. This will provide you with peace of mind from project start, right through to completion.

A wide range of office refurbishments

Refurbishing your current space (or any newo ffice you're moving into) will provide you with the ideal opportunity to makeit bespoke. This means that you can make the space work for you – shaping the design so that it suits the needs of your employees and by extension, the company as a whole.

Some of the most common office refurbishment projects that we undertake for our clients, include:


  • Office layout alterations. The best office designs are bespoke; they fit the specific needs of the businesses that use them. Refurbishing your office can find the right balance between privateand collaborative working space, as well as add in any extra meeting rooms, breakout spaces, kitchens, TV rooms or any thing else you could ever need.

    Much of our refurbishment work involves making alterations to existing spaces; either mass changes to the layout of the space on offer, or making small, incremental changes. A particular example is the fast-growing trend of hot-desking. This type of desk layout aids flexible working as employees will be able to work effectively from any seat in the office. This allows them to choose where and with whom they work whenever they need to.
  • Creative spaces. As many modern industries require a certain inventive flair to complete their work, having creative workspaces can help employees to express their particular talents. Creative spaces make use of contemporary designs, with great care placed into the aesthetics of the working space. Some popular creative design trends include making use of flexible open space and transparent partitions, with attention placed on facilitating face-to-face communication and making use of technology that can boost collaboration. Having strong design elements can also reflect the brand of the company to visiting clients, as well as create an attractive office environment for prospective employees too.

  • Coworking and shared spaces. Coworking spaces allow for self-employed people or small businesses to share an office space with employees from other organisations. This provides them with a place to work away from home (or any other public space), reducing the feelings of isolation. Similar to co-working, shared working spaces make use of excess floor space to share a single large office across multiple organisations. Although this approach is primarily taken to reduce costs, having a shared office (and a co-working space) can help to develop networking links between firms that may complement each other.

  • Remote working. In this digital age, the 'virtual office' is steadily growing. As we're able to work from anywhere with an internet connection, many businesses are taking the opportunity to streamline their operations to meet the demand for remote working. Virtual offices typically provide telephony reception services, as well as facilities to host conferences and meetings with clients. They are ideal to create a professional front for a small business to interact with their clients, whilst also serving as a starting point for them to transition into a physical office space (if needed).

These are just an example of the workplace refurbishments we can perform; please feel free to visit our case studies section to see more. Each page contains specific information about the jobwe did, as well as the technicalities involved.

If you're looking to improve the quality of your working space for current and future employees and/or to boost your reputation amongst clients, why not consider getting in touch with us to learn how we can help with your specific requirements?

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