Designing a workplace today isn't as straightforward as placing chairs and desks in a suitable formation inside a single room. As companies are becoming increasingly more complex and flexiblein their operations, the environment created by their offices must be able to reflect that same concept to aid them in their work.

This is why those at the frontlines of office design are working to foresee how the evolving needs ofa business can be implemented within the design of an office; creating a cohesive brand environment that embraces both innovation and company culture.

So here, we're going to look at some of the evolving trends that will be a part of workplace design for 2020 and beyond.

The present (and future) office design trends

  • Increased adaptability and flexibility.

Thanks to the impact of flexible technology, employees are becoming increasingly mobile.They can be anywhere they need to be and for this reason, the design of a workplace needs to be more adaptable and reactive than ever before.

Agile office design is a great place to start; rather than have a workplace that contains a singular type of workspace, it can instead have a number of different spaces, suiting whatever the specific needs of different employees are. This versatility can easily be reflected within a workspace; office furniture can be reconfigured, for example, adapted and moved around according to the task and requirement.

  • More work-life integration.

It's no secret that our home and work lives are becoming increasingly intertwined; many of us may be spending as much time 'at work' than we do at home. This is why office design is reacting to changes in how we manage our time at work, to make it feel more like home (not just by improving physical comfort, but making concessions for mental comfort too). To allow people to reconnect their thoughts, introducing things such as social spaces, work cafes, games rooms and quiet areas help to calm the mind and create a community within work that makes it truly feel like home.

  • Taking a sustainable approach to materials.

As the world is starting to take a more sustainable approach with the materials they use in everyday life, it's to be expected that such methods will also be growing in prevalence in the workplace. We'll soon be seeing less synthetic, man made materials used to create the items we use atwork, in favour of natural, low-emission, animal-friendly materials (such as recycled wood, re-purposed plastics, bamboo and fabrics like organic cotton and jute).

  • More provisions for privacy.

Whilst the workplace has grown to be a sociable place in which people can work together, chat and build a rapport, there are still occasions in which someone may need the peace and quiet to get on with a task at hand. This is why flexible office design is so brilliant; an office can balance the number of open spaces it has with the pressing need for private (quiet) working areas. For those firms who may lack the space to have private rooms, shielded single-person areas, such as pods, booths and high back acoustic furniture, are emerging as popular installations to give people the personal space they need.

  • Making use of outdoor spaces.

Whilst using sustainable materials in the workplace is ideal to createa biophilic effect, you can't beat the feeling of the real thing. This is why an increasing number of businesses have been using their outdoor areas to create functional, well-equipped al fresco work settings to harness the benefits of people connecting with nature.

Weather permitting, obviously.

Those were just a few office design trends that have been growing in influence in the last few years. If you're interested in refreshing your current office interiors (or are thinking moving to new ones entirely) to get the most out of your dedicated workforce,why not get in touch with the experts here at Oaktree for some industry-leading advice on where to start?

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