Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are proud to work alongside a great range of clients. One day, we could be working with an electronics company to design a great call centre; the next, we could be undertaking an office refurbishment to create a comfortable workspace for a firm of lawyers.

When it comes to carrying out an office fit out, no matter the requirements involved, we can assure businesses that our experience and gained knowledge over 30 years of office design, is unrivalled. Over the years, we've helped hundreds of businesses, no matter their size, to create brand-focused, bespoke workplaces that suit their particular needs. Quite simply, we at Oaktree believe that setting a good working environment can only create a great in-work atmosphere, which in turn will help the company to reach (and often exceed) their business aims.

Oaktree's Office Refurbishment In Swindon For Honda Logistics.

One of the recent projects for our minor works division was to assist with replacing the existing furniture at Honda Logistics UK, offices in Swindon, by proposing a few alternative new furniture ranges to freshen up the office working environment. Following our initial site survey and subsequent proposal, a visit was arranged to the furniture dealership for the client to see the various furniture ranges that had been proposed. Following the visit, we are starting a rolling programme of replacing all of their office's operational furniture, including desks, seating, personal & general storage. Works are being carried out on a phased basis, to maintain their crucial operational status for this 7-day week environment.

Who Are Honda Logistics UK Ltd?

Honda Logistics are a major player in the warehousing and logistics sector and for the last 25 years, have successfully distributed parts into the Swindon Honda Manufacturing Plant (HUM). As one of the world leaders in the design of automotive vehicles and their parts, it's easy to see why the company needs to operate at a constant high level.

However, Honda Logistics UK does not only cater for Honda – their services are available to any type of company. Any business can benefit from their dedicated team, expertise, and services covering logistics, warehouse management, training, packaging design and quality assurance. It's because of this versatility that their established and experienced team's skills are well respected by many clients and industries.

For Minor And Major UK Office Refurbishment, Choose Oaktree Interiors Today.

We are always happy to work alongside large-scale, international companies as well as smaller, local businesses to create the very best workplaces for their needs. Whether you need a complete office fit out overhaul or just a few moderate office features changes, our friendly team are always happy to help out where we can.

If you're looking for any size or style of office refurbishment for your business, get in touch with the Oaktree Interiors design team today. We can help all kinds of businesses to make the most of their existing space, and even help to prepare a completely new space for your business' expansion.

You can contact our professional team today on 0845 474 3556 and we'll do our best to help you come up with the perfect workplace design solutions for your needs.

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